Oakview PTA's Reflections 2017-2018 "Within Reach" Winners

Oakview's PTA Reflections Committee is pleased to announce the list of winners at the school level(see list below). This year, we received a total of 58 entries from Kindergarten to Intermediate grade levels. All participants will be recognized in an award ceremony in the Spring (details to follow). All First to Third place winners will advance to the state round. Meanwhile, only First place winners are judged at the district level.

What is the PTA Reflections Program? The National PTA Reflections program is an annual recognition program to support arts learning and celebrate student success in the arts. During the early part of the school year, Oakview students were invited to reflect on the 2017-2018 theme, "Within Reach" and create original works of art. Categories are dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. Students were also asked to write an artist statement and submit as many number of entries in all categories.
The judging process involved looking at the personal interpretations on the program theme that best exemplify creativity and technical skill. Entries were scored based on category, grade level, interpretation of theme, creativity and technique. Judges were anonymous, unaffiliated with the school and chosen for their expertise in relation to the category that they judge.  

Music (Primary)
1st Titus Hall
2nd Karthik Arumugam*
2nd Lily Arzt*

Music (INT)
1st Lily Bogle

Photography (Primary)
1st Marley Billingsley
2nd Cruz Foggie
3rd Place Max Dannelly

Photography (INT)
1st Neha Shivanna
2nd Alison Bynum
3rd Conner Smith
Honorable Mention 1 Ilona Dannelly
Honoroable Mention 2 Neha Shivanna

We were thrilled by the increase in participation this year and proud of each and everyone who joined. We hope that this year's winners will encourage more students to be a part of this exciting program, not only to experience recognition for their artistic talents that they deserve, but also to celebrate the significance of arts in education.
For questions or inquiries about Oakview PTA's Reflections Program, please email reflections@oakviewpta.com.

Dance (INT)
1st Erica Murphy
2nd Maggie Simril

Film (Primary)
1st Emma Bogle

Film (INT)
1st Lily Bogle

Literature (Primary)
1st Karthik Arumugam
2nd Scarlett Bermudez
3rd Greer Willimon

Literature (INT)
1st Christian Foggie
2nd Allison Kim
3rd Neha Shivanna
Honorable Mention 1 Jackson Lane
Honorable Mention 2 Alison Bynum

Congratulations to Oakview's PTA Reflections 2017-2018 Winners!​

Visual Arts (Primary)
1st Chapman Whatley
2nd Trisha Krishnakumar
3rd Karthik Arumugam
Honorable Mention 1 Kaylee Davis
Honorable Mention 2 Lily Arzt

Visual Arts (INT)
1st Emilia Rdzanek
2nd Grayson Gamrat
3rd Neha Shivanna
Honorable Mention 1 Juliana Hughes
Honorable Mention 2 Holly Haydamack

Special Artist
1st Max Dannelly

*As a result of the scoring process, both students are tied for 2nd place.