Take a look at the program overview to learn about  Watch D.O.G.S..  There is also a sample schedule so you can see what a day looks like.

3. Ensure you have Level II Clearance

About Watch D.O.G.S.

Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) is a volunteer program focused on the positive influence of fathers and father-figures on our children. Fathers, stepfathers, uncles, and grandfathers are asked to spend one day with the students at Oakview volunteering throughout the school. Please contact one of our Watch D.O.G.S. Co-chairs, Brian Adams or Adam Grace watchdogs@oakviewpta.com for more information

6. Have fun and help out

You’ll receive 3 reminder/confirmation emails prior to your Watch D.O.G. Day:

  • Immediately after you first sign up
  • One-week prior to your day
  • One-day prior

If you have an illness and can’t attend your day, please contact us immediately

1. Understand it & Buy In


Watch D.O.G.S - Dads of Great Students

Our Mission: To provide positive male role models for our students.  We demonstrate by our presence that education is important.

1. Understand it & Buy In

On September 18th, go to Signup Genius, pick a date and fill in your information to lock in your day to volunteer.

5. Show up

The 6 easy steps of being a Watch D.O.G.

Online Signups



Quick Links & Help

4. Get your T-shirt

2. Sign-up

3. Ensure you have Level II Clearance

For the safety of our kids, Greenville County Schools requires that any and all volunteers  that spend 1:1 time with kids in the school (like Watch D.O.G.S.) must complete a criminal background check and have ‘Level II’ Clearance. It is paid for by Greenville County and all you have to do is click here and follow the instructions.

If you are NEW to Oakview and/or the Watch D.O.G.S program, go to the Volonteer page on the Oakview PTA website.

                             Volunteer Menu -> Volunteer Regulations takes you to 


From here, you can begin the process of getting Level II Clearance which is a criminal background check required by Greenville County for the safety of our kids.  Once you are confirmed to be Level II, please bring your license to Joy McKinney in Oakview's front office so you can be confirmed in the school's system.

If you are a RETURNING Dad, please email Joy McKinney (jomckinn@greenville.k12.sc.us) to confirm your Level II Clearance is in the school's system.

1. Understand it & Buy in

5. Show up

Watch D.O.G.S.

6. Have fun and help out

2. Sign-up

Your child will bring home your t-shirt 1-2 weeks in advance of your Watch D.O.G.S. day.  Please email us at watchdogs@oakviewpta.com if you do not have your shirt within a few days of your Watch D.O.G. day.

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​Other Opportunies

  • Other Programs: See how you can connect even more in your kids'  school.  

4. Get your T-shirt